No sign-on modes for AWS app

Hi all,
I’m trying to test the AWS Console SSO with Okta.

I added the app, but it provides me only the general tab.

In addition to that, once added, I assign it to the user and when I go to the Sign On tab for the app and click on edit, I don’t find any Sign On option, but only a message saying “No sign-on modes for app.”

The app on top has a green box saying “SAML 2.0 is enabled”, but I did not configure it really.

Is there anything I can do to reset the app and have the wizard to get the metadata allowing to configure the SAML IDP in the AWS Console?

The problem persists even if I delete the app and retry to add it.

Please help!


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Same problem with the AppStream app. Did you manage to solve it meanwhile @Ado?

Yes it is a license problem. Register for the free 30 days trial. There you will see that it works.

yes just got a response from the support on that. This feature is not available in the developer account. Thanks