No such module 'OktaOidc'

HI Guys ,

I am trying out authentication via okta with biometrics storage . Any Idea where i can get test credentials?

I followed all the process and installed all the pods that are required but i am getting an error "No such module ‘OktaOidc’ "

can you please let me know where i am going wrong?

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Any takers on this one? I’m running into the same issue during the initial install.

I just tested the sample myself and I got it installed and running just fine. You’re running into this when running pod install or afterwards, when you try to run it?

There may be something going on in your environment, as there are a few different threads on SO and other forums about similar errors with different frameworks.

Thanks for the reply @andreaskouras

When you said ‘tested the sample’ are you referring to successfully running through the RN install steps or successfully running the sample app?

I’m able to run the sample app fine but running into the above issue when integrating into my existing RN app (following the RN installation steps) then building in Xcode.

I get through all the steps successfully, including pod install.

I actually wasn’t testing in React Native, I was testing the sample per its README, so I only cloned it, did pod install, and then ran it. I’m not sure why you’re having this issue when you add to your React Native app…