Not able to enroll external Idp as Factor using API

Hi All,
I am using OIE, configured exteral idp as factor and enabled.

I am trying to enroll/activate this factor to user using API. Getting below error response.
Please help me if anything am missing in request or somewhere else in configurations.

URL POST: https://{domain}/api/v1/users/{userid}/factors?activate=true

Request: {
“factorType”: “claims_provider”,
“provider”: “CUSTOM”

“errorCode”: “E0000001”,
“errorSummary”: “Api validation failed: factorEnrollRequest”,
“errorLink”: “E0000001”,
“errorId”: “oaed9W-SLrMQVO4oBENMIbpjQ”,
“errorCauses”: [
“errorSummary”: “Factor not supported by the provider.”


For a Generic OIDC IdP configured for MFA Only this will not show up as a factor for a user.
You can list it with the Authenticators API (/api/v1/authenticators)

For a user to add it they will need to enroll which would require the use of one of the Okta IDX SDKs.

Thank You,