OIDC Connect IdP testing: Issuer is invalid in id_token

Hi Expert,

I tried to set up a POC env for our federated organization with external OIDC Connect IdP by following Add an external Identity Provider | Okta Developer

Okta tenant 1: as external IdP
Okta tenant 2: as regular IdP configured for my application

when testing, tenant1 showed a test user logged in successfully but tenant2 showed below error:
com.saasure.platform.services.idp.exception.IdpAuthenticationException: Issuer is invalid in id_token

in application UI, the login page showed below error:
400 bad request
Identity Provider: OIDC
Error Code: invalid_social_token
Description: Could not acquire access token from authorization code.

Could you please help where I may make mistakes? I checked many times for each configured values (even go over each step with two separate envs)

please ignore this thread

Resolved as described in this thread: Oidc IdP best practice - #4 by andrea