OIDC - Github Social Login


I am working with the okta-react SDK and I’m trying to integrate Github Social Login.

As we can see in the documentation, there’s no dedicated Github Login section, so I tried to add a new OIDC Identity provider.

If I understood correctly, Github has only OAuth and does not support OIDC.
Is there any way to sign in with Github using the React Okta SDK?


P.S. the screenshot below shows the “Endpoints” section for which I couldn’t find the details

Based on their docs Authorizing OAuth Apps - GitHub Docs, I believe these are the endpoints:

  • Issuer - https://github.com/login/oauth
  • Authorization endpoint - https://github.com/login/oauth/authorize
  • Token endpoint - https://github.com/login/oauth/access_token
  • JWKS endpoint - https://github.com/login/oauth/keys
  • Userinfo endpoint - https://api.github.com/user

You’ll probably want to add the user scope as well.