SSO is working but password credentials not working

I have sign up with my company github account in Okta developer and I have set up application integration in okta developer account using OIDC with SPA option. I have followed all that steps mentioned in below okts guide for react app.

I am able to login to my React app Home page using Single sign On when I am already login to my okta developer account using my github account. But when I am logged off to my okta developer account then after reloading to my react app, it is asking for username and password credentials and it is not accepting my git credentials by which I had created okta developer account for App integration. Could you please help me here if I am missing any steps in okta configuration.


Just to verify you are using the redirect-model where you are entering your credentials at the Okta hosted login page and not a self hosted widget in the React Application?

Assuming the above can you verify that your Okta Org has a GH Social Provider registered.

When a developer Org is created with a GH account I assume it creates the IdP for GH, but if you could verify.

If the IdP isn’t already there are you add it using the above.
After that you have 3 options:

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