Okta and Windows authentication for MVC

Is there a way to inject the checking for Okta authorization and prompting to log in if not authorized into a web application that uses .Net Framework 4.8 and is already setup using Windows Authentication?

I was thinking of trying to put the Okta login/logout in the Session_OnStart and Session_OnEnd methods of the Global.asax, however that does not seem to work. I would need some way to check for Okta authorization on any page because users may bookmark an internal page and we cannot count on then to always go to the home page first.

I want to have both windows authentication and Okta login requirements.

The Okta hosted sample application should do this for the /privacy route,

I am not sure about integrating with Windows Authentication however.

Is there an alternative test for Okta authentication?

Since my app is using windows authentication, HttpContext.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated is testing if I am authenticated to windows, not Okta.