Okta as Authorization Server to generate Access token taking permission from customer Server

We would like to know the feasibility or support of the below

  1. Okta will be the Authorization Server for our App.
  2. The authorization server will generate the access token.

The Okta Authorization Server generate the access token and we would like to know if it can fetch the permission from another Server and get the token generated.

Did you review this option:


Thanks. This link helps for our use case.


The inline Hook timeout by default set to 3 Seconds. We face some issue with our server setup and it takes a couple of seconds. Is it possible to configure this timeout. Or is there any ways we can ask the support to change it.
Also let know if this is also available as part of enterprise account.


Hi @SureshJayaraj

If you would need more than 3 seconds, please contact Okta Support at support@okta.com with the Okta org, hook name and the maximum timeout time that you would like (maximum is 30 seconds).