Token inline hook timed out, but no request received

I added a custom authorization server and enabled my token inline hook on its access policy. I’m able to test my endpoint manually and it seems alright, but when I sign into a web application thru this authorization server, it doesn’t seem like the API endpoint is being requested on my end.

My developer dashboard has a log entry saying:

Inline Hook execution failed

failure : Hook “Developer Env Token Hook” execution failed. Hook timed out

However, with a debugger attached to my webserver I don’t get a break on the method; the server log shows no request; Azure WAF log shows no request.

Any tips?

@Nick_ny, can you open a support case with so someone can review the logs for your Org to help you resolve this?

This type of error can occur if your endpoint is not accepting the request from Okta or there is an issue with the SSL handshake, but our support team will be able to investigate this with you.