OKTA Connection Timeout Issues for Github Login Using Gatling Recorder

I am trying to perform UI load testing on Github which is secured using Saml Authentication during Login.
I am using Gatling recorder to record the below steps-
(open inspect -network tab)
step1- launch Github url
step2-enter username
step3-enter password
step4-click verify

Download “HAR” file which will contain recorded calls.
Go to Gatling recorder and convert HAR file to Scala file
When i execute this scala file in Intellij -i am facing some issues related to okta -

---- Errors --------------------------------------------------------------------

i.n.c.ConnectTimeoutException: connection timed out: ok2static
i.n.c.ConnectTimeoutException: connection timed out: login.okt

Below are the Okta related keywords which i see in API network calls->
RelayState,Signature,SAML Request,SignAlg,Service Token etc

I tried adding proxy related to Okta and our organization specific proxy urls- but no gain
can someone pls help -How can i handle okta authentication in my scala script?