Okta Identity Engine okta-idx-swift sample app


We are considering using Okta Identity Engine from a macOS app and the first step was to configure the sample app “EmbeddedAuth” from okta-idx-swift repo with a preview Identity Engine environment.

Using the default “OIDC Native App” with a user having full access the app returns the following error:

▿ Optional<IonMessage>
  ▿ some : IonMessage
    - type : "ERROR"
    ▿ i18n : Optional<IonLocalization>
      ▿ some : IonLocalization
        - key : "idx.error.code.no_matching_policy"
    - message : "You are not allowed to access this app. To request access, contact an admin."

I double checked the default policy in Security > API > Authorization Servers > Access policies and it seems to be fine.

I can’t seem to find documentation about this error, is there a corresponding API error code I can check ?

I’m happy to provide more information and logs if needed.


Is Interaction Code enabled as an allow Grant Type in your Access Policy Rule?

(edit) that did the trick thank you !

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