Okta-idx-swift identify OIE compatible environment

I’m using okta-idx-swift library to try to connect to a given (client supplied) configuration that can or not be an Okta Identity Engine environment.
If the configuration is not OIE I’m having this “generic” error when signing in:

▿ InteractionCodeFlowError
  ▿ apiError : APIClientError
    ▿ serverError : OAuth2ServerError
      - code : "access_denied"
      - description : "The requested feature is not enabled in this environment."

ultimately, what I would like to do is to do is to check early on if the environment is an OIE, if not fallback to using okta-oidc-ios library.

What would be the recommended way to achieve this ?

Interaction Code flow only works in an OIE org.

If you’re trying to dynamically determine if a given org is on OIE, you can check the version an org is on at the https://OktaDomain/.well-known/okta-organization endpoint. If pipeline is v1, its a Classic org, if pipeline is idx its an Identity Engine org.

exactly what I needed, thank you !

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