Okta JWT Verifier

Hi when I am trying to verify the access token from nodeJs I am getting the following error.

“You do not have permission to perform the requested action”

Can anyone help me on this

Does your issuer URI end with /oauth2/default? Are you using a developer account or an IT Trial? You need to create a developer account at https://developer.okta.com and use an issuer that ends with /oauth2/default.

If you’re already doing that, please include a full stack trace and steps to reproduce your issue.

Hi the account is a premium account with okta but I am not sure if the api access management module is opted or not? Is this error related to that if we don’t have api access management module opted we get this error?

If you didn’t create your account at https://developer.okta.com, then it doesn’t have access management enabled. You can contact support to enable it, but there might be a charge. I’d recommend you just create a developer account and use that. It’ll have access management enabled by default.