OKTA LDAP Interface expected response time

We’ve been trying to use the Okta UD as a replacement for an existing AD LDS (LDAP) server. We’ve managed to configure the LDAP Interface for a current IBM WebSphere Liberty server, but the response times we are experiencing are too slow to use. Currently we are seeing somewhere between 1-2 seconds (minimum) for the Okta LDAP interface to perform a simple LDAP bind (for a single user in UD). We’ve discussed this with Okta support and submitted multiple uploads, but so far they are unable to provide even a rough idea of the average response time we can expect. At this point in time, the average response time is too slow for us to consider this option. Was wondering if anyone else has managed to achieve a faster response time for a simple LDAP bind against Okta UD? If so, how did you accomplish this?