Okta missing apps from /apps which are accessible through /apps/<app_id>

Hi, sometimes I get events (user.authentication.sso, application.user_membership.add) for apps that are accessible through the API endpoint /apps/<app_id>, but do not appear on the full list of apps obtained from the endpoint /apps/. I couldn’t find any information regarding this behavior in the API documentation or in this forum. Is this expected behavior? if so then what is the difference between /apps and /apps/<app_id>?

Edit: it seems that the apps which are accessible only through /apps/<app_id> do not appear in the UI, but you can craft a link for them using the app ID. If you do that, you cannot assign any users or groups to that app due to 404 from the server.

Hi @llahat! Do you have a limit on the apps listed per page? Looks like Okta defaults to limit=20 per page Apps | Okta Developer.

Hi, I am using the maximum page size of 200, no filters, and I keep iterating using the last app id as “after” until there are less than 200 apps.

@sigama do you have any other idea?

Can I please get assistance?

If you’re still having this issue, please reach out to our support team by creating a support case.