Okta SDK [nodejs] - Out of Heap Memory frequently

I wanted to gather some context around the topic if anyone else is experiencing frequent out of heap memory errors when using the Okta SDK for nodeJS [GitHub - okta/okta-sdk-nodejs: Node.js API Client for the Okta Platform API] in their Node projects. And also collect details about what others have done to remediate the issue (and any contributing factors that may help to understand the domain issue around the lower level issues causing it).

As a short term fix we can adjust (increase) the allocated memory set for the NodeJS instance, but I wanted to gather feed back on if this is an issue due to something that we needed to consider, or something that Okta has context of and will be working to remediate, and/or if we will run into any issues further after increasing the allocated memory. Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you.

Error details: FATAL ERROR: MarkCompactCollector: young object promotion failed Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory.

Seems you need a broader audience for your question, as it’s really about profiling of your app. I quickly googled and found Debugging Node.js Applications for Memory Leaks | Toptal as a starter. I think you can start from here to get some ideas, what you may need next.