Okta Sign-In Widget - Custom Trigger for Sign-Up

Hey Team,

Sorry if this has already been asked.

I’ve currently developing with Okta as our Auth and using the Okta Sign-In Widget in a React Environment.

Dev Env:

  • Okta-react - v3.0.4

  • Okta Sign-In Widget - v4.3.2

I have the SSR enabled for both the developer account and the widget.

With our design for the login page the concept was to have the “login” form shown on the right, with the user being able to click “Sign Up” and have that form container slide to the left and shown the “Registration” form.

Hoping someone could help guide me on the following:

  1. Can you using an external button on your page to trigger the showing of the “registration” form for the Okta Sign-In Widget"

  2. How would you proceed to accomplish this within React?


Hi Harrison, are you hosting the widget yourself or are you redirecting to the Okta hosted widget? If you are redirecting to widget, then I believe you can redirect to https://yourOrg.okta.com/signin/register to load the registration form. Not sure for the self hosted option though.