Okta widget input placeholders

I have added the okta sign in widget to my angular 8 application.

I would like the form input fields to show placeholders instead of labels, but I can’t seem to figure out how.

I am using @okta/okta-angular version 1.2.1, and @okta/okta-signin-widget version 3.1.6.


Is there a specific version / extra settings I should be using?

Hi @martawat,

As of version 3.0, the Sign-In Widget has been updated to use labels for form fields instead of placeholder text.
You can look at the release notes here - https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/ReleaseNotes/production.htm

This is to improve the accessibility features of the widget. Though not recommended, if you need place holder text, you can use a pre-3.0 version of the widget.
If you can explain, why you need the placeholder text in input fields instead of using labels, we can suggest a solution.

Dear @vijet, that is fine, I was trying to follow the designs for the app we are developing, but I do understand that if it is a usability improvement, I’ll stick with the more usable version!


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