OKTA widget - Placeholder for username and password input not visible

I am working on an app that uses Okta-hosted customized widget. The app is Angular 16 and in its typescript file I am configuring the okta config object ( to be passed to OktaSignIn method )

I am trying to set the placeholder there in the object like below

const config = {
i18n = {
en : {
‘primaryauth.username.placeholder’ : ‘Enter username’,
‘primaryauth.password.placeholder’ : ‘Enter password’

However, when I see the login page, I don’t see the placeholder value.
What could be the issue?

OKTA -SignIn-widget version is 7.10

For accessibility reasons, the Okta Widget doesn’t use placeholders (ever since version 3.0.0) for input fields and instead uses labels.

If you want to add placeholders to the input fields, you can look to add them yourself using afterRender and then modifying the DOM directly.

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