Okta Widget is not loading on some mobile devices

Hi everyone,

Kindly I’ve integrated OKTA web widget in one of my Ionic mobile app. And it’s all working fine except some of the devices.

The widget is loading on all other devices except Galaxy Tab Active 3 (Samsung) and Samsung Galaxy A51 with android 12. Any help or solution please?



  • When it doesn’t load do you get any sort of error or is the page just blank?
  • Can you attach one of these devices to a debugger and see if any information is logged in logcat?
  • Can you reproduce this issue using a simulator of one of the devices?

Thanks for your reply,

When it doesn’t load do you get any sort of error or is the page just blank?

Yes its just the blank screen like below:

But it should be like below

Moreover it’s not possible to reproduce on the emulators as even on emulators it’s all working fine. But some of my users with the mentioned devices facing that issue.

Thanks and looking forward to any suggestion, please.

Does this happen when using the devices browser, or only with the embedded web view?

Since it works fine on an emulator what happens when you attach one of the devices to a debugger and try to pull up the login page? Anything in logcat?

Dear Erik,

It’s only with the embedded web view inside the app. It’s happening in strange way on random devices. For one device with same android 11 is working and on other with same version not working.

And nothing is logged on debugger.

Question: Could it be any privacy configurations on the mobile device?

Hi @erik,

Moreover inspecting on the device facing the issue, we got to know the following information in the below attached screenshot.

Kindly waiting for any help. Thanks in advance.