Okta + Wordpress Integration SSO

I was wondering if anyone has had luck running Okta with Wordpress? I have only seen two plugins for this but overall the end results seem that they are not finished. Has anyone had a success with this integration?

@jascencio Is this one of the plugins you mentioned? What problems are you running into with it?

@andreaskouras Yeah, that one. So when I configure the application (Im using Okta Sandbox) prior to any production integration. Once logging into Okta it kicks back to the login back, so it creates a loop of just constant logging in. I have followed instructions and placed the correct URI’s as listed as well.

Can you check to see if there are any errors in the console or in your server logs?

Logs you mean within Okta and the user trying to be provisioned? It shows as successful and well as Wordpress, Wordpress console shows a user account created under jascencio@pagerduty.com , just doesnt seem to allow me to enter the actual wordpress console.
All event logs shows “succesful”

@andreaskouras any idea on the issue?