oktaAuth.idx.register returnr access denied error ("the requested feature is not enabled in this environment.")


We’re trying to develop own registration process based on Okta API and Okta Auth library.

We develop those steps:

  1. We create register page only getting email. When submit register, we call to Okta’s users (POST) API.
  2. First step returns User Activation email where we’ve got a button to redirect a new page to confirm email and add his password. This URL contains activation_token to register.
  3. When submit password, we call to this function:
    idx.register({activationToken: this.token, authenticator: ‘okta_password’, password: this.newPasswordForm.value.password}).
    This function always returns us “Bad Reques”. Concretically, returns “access_denied” and “he requested feature is not enabled in this environment.” error.
    Do you know why? What wrong with this?


Are you testing in an org that has been upgraded/created on the Okta Identity Engine? You can confirm whether or not you are by navigating to https://oktaDomain/.well-known/okta-organization. If pipeline is v1, that means you’re on an Okta Classic org and cannot use the new idx functions like the one you are trying to use.

Hi Andrea,
Yes, our pipeline is v1.
How can we do to can use idx functions?