Onboarding Profile not found

Am hitting the url http://localhost:3000/test of my application adding secure route which in turn redirects to otka login page and once i login , it shows
https://dev-*******-admin.okta.com/admin/getting-started) instead of http://localhost:3000/test
My redirect uri: http://localhost:3000/login/callback

And also am getting an error in the network tab the below link not found with response
“errorCode”: “E0000007”,
“errorSummary”: “Not found: Resource not found: ***********(DeveloperOnboardingProfile)”,
“errorLink”: “E0000007”,
“errorId”: “oae2ExIbY5cTIeCoU__2eFEYA”,

whats wrong with my setup? why am getting profile not found error?

What type of application is this, how is it configured (namely, how is it configured to point to your Okta tenant), and are you using any of Okta’s SDKs in your implementation?

Hi Andrea, This is a react application configured with okta (SPA with oauth2). Yes am using the below SDK to connect with okta
npm install react-router-dom@5
npm install @okta/okta-react@6.4 @okta/okta-auth-js@6.0

Can you share how you configured oktaAuth? Did you happen to include -admin in the issuer url? Not sure why you would see a request getting made to a -admin/okta.com/api/v1/internal endpoint coming from your own application. Is this request being made by Okta, or your app?