OPP provisioing from multiple tennants

We want to provision users to a specific on prem app from both our workforce & client tennants.

We have been testing OPP from our client tenant and we wee the JSON on the app end like this:

[ 2021-10-14 19:10:48.233 ] [ pool-1-thread-73 ] [ScimClientImpl] [ method=createNewUser, org=00oksqgf0unLMkw7xxxx, aid=0oa9ir45hnnJLDzmxxxx ] [INFO] - Data: {“schemas”:[“urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0”,“urn:scim:schemas:extension:enterprise:1.0”,“urn:okta:CLIENT_TENNANT_application_1:1.0:user:custom”],“userName”:“bxxxx.xxxx@xxxx.com”,“name”:{“formatted”:“Bxxxx Xxxx”,“givenName”:“xxxx”,“familyName”:“Xxxx”},“emails”:[{“value”:“xxxx.xxxx@xxxx.com”,“primary”:true,“type”:“primary”}],“password”:“DWmY8Q9xxxxt”,“active”:true,“urn:okta:CLIENT_TENNANT_application_1:1.0:user:custom”:{“companyCode”:“ABC”,“userCategory”:“INST”,“administratorFlag”:“2”}}

Is it possible to make the custom schema the same from both of our tenants? It appears to be created automatically.

Can you please open up a support case so we can get the right team to help you with this?