OPP Provisioning error: An error occurred while provisioning <my OPP app>


I’ve been trying to figure out what could be wrong with this and haven’t made any progress, can someone please shed me some light here?

When I assign a user to my OPP app, I get this error:

In the agent log, it’s telling me that it’s successful:

f1xrbsvyygA3D1d6 ] [INFO] - Going to execute the connector SCIM method checkUserExists

[ 2021-11-29 22:46:35.235 ] [ pool-1-thread-39 ] [ScimClientImpl] [ method=checkUserExists, org=00ogf0dxbA25MvUOc1d6, aid=0oagf1xrbsvyygA3D1d6 ] [INFO] - making GET request to"karmentest%40mailinator.com"&startIndex=1&count=200

[ 2021-11-29 22:46:35.473 ] [ pool-1-thread-39 ] [OktaAgent] [INFO] - Posting SUCCESS action result for: ExecuteScriptAction

In Splunk, I saw this:

status=FAILED statusText=Error while verifying if user karmentest@mailinator.com exists: null createdDate=2021-11-29T22:46:34.000Z scheduledDate=2021-11-29T22:46:34.000Z restartDate= startDate=2021-11-29T22:46:34.914Z lastUpdate=2021-11-29T22:46:34.000Z endDate=2021-11-29 groupId=null bucket=13 sequence=user:groupreconcile00u1yvj9h33JOQLff1d7


I thought it was a bug, which was fixed yesterday

@karmen , @phi1ipp is right, there was an issue going on with OPP the other day. If however you are still experiencing issues with your OPP agent, please open a support case for assistance.