SCIM v2 support for on premise application

I am developing api’s with SCIM v2 specification for our on premise application. I have installed an agent to make the provisioning possible by okta. I could see that for on premise applications okta was using SCIM v1 specification api’s for provisioning . Is scim v2 specification supported for on-premise application ?

Hi there @Chakri !

Welcome to the community! To clarify, do you mean a setup where your SCIM server runs outside of Okta utilizing the v2 specification? If so, does this tutorial help?

Okta’s On-Prem Provisioning (OPP) Agent only supports SCIM 1.1 right now.

There is a feature enhancement request on our Okta Idea’s site for this,, that I would recommend voting on and following for updates.

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