Otka integration with existing ObjectiveC iOS App

I’ve a requirement to integrate Otka into an existing iOS App written in ObjectiveC (BTW rewriting the App in Swift is not an option) has anyone successfully done this using bridging between the OtkaAuth Swift libraries or is the preferred route to use another approach?

I don’t believe we have any documentation on hand for this. @jmelberg we probably need to update our readme to include some information about this. I logged a github issue for this.

Ok thanks for this, I’d pretty much found that there was little if anything on ObjectiveC integration.

sorry,I still don’t find the ObjectiveC document.have you written it ?

For anyone finding this thread via search, the latest version of our iOS SDK works with both Swift and Objective-C projects: https://github.com/okta/okta-oidc-ios#how-to-use-in-objective-c-project