Password inline hook flow was triggered successfully, but user failed to login


I’m trying out the password inline hook with AWS API+Lambda.

From the system log, I can see the flow is triggered successfully ( means the user password was verified by my lambda function, and correct response was sent back to Okta.

However login itself failed, and Okta system log shows “INVALID_CREDENTIALS”. Also when I tried the /api/v1/authn endpoint directly, and the same password that was just verified by Lambda function was rejected by Okta, means it was not saved to Okta user store successfully.

Could this be cause by password policy, or some bugs ?


Have you double checked that you provided the correct details about how your password was hashed when you imported the user into Okta?

I figured out the payload from my lambda was wrong. It had an extra layer. That’s why it didn’t work.

After fixing the response payload, the flow is working now.

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