Prime the pump on a c# .netcore 3.1 webapi?

I’ve got a c# .net core 3.1 web api, and I need to call the okta API to log in a user at startup time, to prime the pump on authentication, because the first okta authentication takes over 5 seconds and I don’t want my users waiting that long.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this, what apis do I call? what methods? Is their documentation? examples?



It sounds like you are using this SDK okta-aspnet/ at master · okta/okta-aspnet · GitHub

If so there is no documentation on setting up what you want. The first protected API call will take extra time not only because intitializing etc, but the /keys endpoint for Okta needs to be called.

You could put together a call where you have an access_token (can be an invalid signature that is fine) minted by the Okta Auth server you are using, just make sure the expiry_time is set to some value far in the future. Once the application loads have the application call one of the protected API endpoints with that access_token so the library loads and downloads the /keys from the authorization server.

Thank You

Yeah I totally get that i need to authenticate and that i can use a bad token, i just needed a code sample on how to do that.

Here is an article that I foud from 2018, that gives a code sample on manually authenticating a token. It was very helpful in priming the pump.

I hope it is helpful to someone else.

Skip to the section “validate tokens manually in aspnet core” for the code sample on manually validating a token. I just call that method with a bad token and that primes the pump making the first real call to okta much faster.