Question about Okta's Hook SDK


I’m very new to Okta’s development and I want to dev a registration Hook for my tenant. To guide myself I found the corresponding SDK:

But I cannot make work the Hook example inside it, I get many errors as you can see here :

My solution was to create the Constructors but I cannot understand why it’s hasn’t been done, bit confusing.

It’s been a while since I used J2EE so it could totally be my fault.


Are you trying to run the example app? I can get it running with mvn spring-boot:run and it seems to be responding correctly when I make requests to http://localhost:8080/user-reg with a sample payload.

Yes that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m using intellij IDE to open the project and then trying to deploy a .war file to a Tomcat local server.

I’ve never used any command line while developing java or j2EE project so I’m a bit confused about this sorry.

Could you tell the steps you went to get the SDK’s example working ?

With your command I’m getting this error :

I downloaded the code from GitHub and navigated to the /okta-hook/okta-hooks-sdk-java/examples/spring-boot directory. Then I run mvn spring-boot:run and then I make a POST request to http://localhost:8080/user-reg with some random payload and I can see a response. Once you get past this step, you can modify the code to return a valid response.