Questions on Importing Users from CSV


I am trying the “Import Users from CSV” feature, and have a few questions.

  1. It looks that the email value has to be unique for each user. Can you conform?

  2. If email is unique by default, is there a way to set it as not unique? In the profile editor, I see it is set as “Required”. However, when I put two users with the same email address there, I got the following error:
    Error(s) - Failed to upload row; login: An object with this field already exists in the current organization;

Please note that though it mentions “login” in the error message, actually it is complaining about the email field, as the email field has a value same as an existing user’s email.

  1. Is there a way to define the set of fields to identify the uniqueness of users? For example, if I want okta to identify a user with the combination of firstName and lastName only, is there such a feature to enable me to do that?