CSV Directory Provisioning Issue

We Integrated the CSV directory with okta and imported the users and new users are successfully imported in to okta. when we updated the CSV user’s and imported the users the user’s are importing in to Okta and import shows that the users are updated. But coming to user’s profile it is not getting updated.


I assume you are following these instructions,

After you update the .csv file and upload it again do you see the message x users were updated

Do all attributes fails to update or only specific ones?
If only certain attributes can you verify they are set as read/write.

thank you,

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Hello erik,

Thanks for the quick response, Once we run the import the report shows the user’s are updated and removed. But, When we go to people tab the user’s profile are not getting updated and the removed user’s are not getting deactivated.
So, we cross checked with profile editor preview and assignment tab the user’s are getting updated there, but it is not reflecting in Okta profile.

No, we are following CSV Directory Integration. Once we add new user’s to CSV file the user’s are getting imported to Okta, But the Update and Deactivation functionalities are not working as expected.
All attributes are not getting updated, not specific attribute.