CSV Directory Integration

Hi, I am trying Implement CSV directory integration. I have two questions regarding this. Please help in finding this.

  1. Where I can set features import type is either Full Import Type or Incremental Type? I can see an option to schedule import in Provisioning tab where I can set time duration gap like 1 hour, 2 hours etc. But where Do I can set it’s to be full import or Incremental Import?
  2. While doing import I want to update only existing users in okta. It should not add new users to Okta directory even record in csv file not exists in Okta. If record in csv file matches with okta directory it should be update. If doesn’t match with okta users the same record should be ignored . [Possibly there may be some new records in CSV file which are not added to okta directory earlier]. Is this feature available? Please suggest me on this.