SAML Sync need to set Reference String by Match

Hey there,

So I am trying to integrate Samanage and Okta with an automatic Department assignment and seem to have run afoul some missing documentation and Samanage support has been woeful.

Samanage requires the following:

  • Role, Site, and Department fields to be created and synced (String Reference)
  • String Reference means the attribute is set by way of predefined attribute members (you create these in the attribute in Okta Master Profile)
  • Samanage have an existing match for each on it’s end

I’ve tried passing case matching department names from Active Directory, however it seems Okta cannot convey to Samanage a string unless it’s from a preset list of values. In setting these values I can edit profiles manually and select from these created presets.

What I can’t do is select a blank entry if I opt not to pass said field, I cannot edit one and not the others, and I am having trouble coming up with a working expression to take AD Department (string) and match against an attribute member from Okta MP samanageDepartment preset values.

I tried using string-arrays in the hopes that could be “reference” material, but ran into chicken-egg issue:
user.samanageDepartment is pre-defined master profile list
appuser.department is AD passed string containing Department name

There seems to be no way to automate/pass values in String Reference to Samanage.

Can someone please assist?