SCIM API CRUD test fails - common password

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to run the Runscope CRUD test ( Test your Okta SCIM integration | Okta Developer) to finalize my app submission.
The test keep failing on step 2 (Add new random user to Okta) with:{ "errorCode": "E0000001", "errorSummary": "Api validation failed: password", "errorLink": "E0000001", "errorId": "oae9yc-eLuqStWgNFP6CXy9IA", "errorCauses": [ { "errorSummary": "password: This password was found in a list of commonly used passwords. Please try another password." } ] }

I am not able to see a place in the initial script where a password is set, so I’m not sure why exactly this is failing, but it’s blocking me from moving on. Anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance!


Never mind, for anyone havign the same issue, the password is defined in the actual test steps, not the initial script. Editing that helped. Okta OIN team, maybe it’s a good idea to update that test or populate the pass with a n auto-generated function, to avoid this.


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