Test Account Credentials

Your docs say that a test account should be included with the submission, including:

**Test account password**: The password for your application test account.

Does this mean the password for a user in the Okta org configured to act as the IdP for the test account or the normal non-SSO password?

In other words, how does Okta want to log into the test account, via SSO or via username/password?

Hi, Thanks for the question.

This is meant to be user / password credentials to act as an admin in your application so that we can test SSO configuration. From there, we will test SSO with a user in a test Okta org which we control.

Let me know if you have more questions about this.


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@jbaldoatokta If we’re developing a SCIM Lifecycle Provisioning integration for OIN, what kind of “test account” credentials are required here? Can we provide, say, an OAuth Bearer Token for communicating with our SCIM server? (This would be our preferred approach.) Or do we need to provide an admin user username and password for logging into our actual application?

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