SCIM App Push Groups: Why CREATE Group attempt for Match Found and/or Link Group?

I enabled Push Groups and Import Groups for a new App(OAN candidate).

I unchecked the box for :

I have a pre-existing Group in App. It is identified as a Match by name(same name) and the Link Group is shown in drop-down, not Create Group. I get an error message about an attempt to RE-CREATE the Group by Okta.

Question: Is this expected behavior and why?

A POST /Users for Link Group is not going to work when Link Group is the desired outcome(vs Create Group).

Anybody else seeing this behavior?

Best regards,

Actually, after doublechecking everything, and a quick discussion with Okta Support, Push Groups work as expected. For Link Group, it is attempting a PUT not a POST, which for me results in the same error(as Create or POST) about a mandatory attribute missing, which is not a standard SCIM attribute. No Group Profile for Apps in Okta, so we are looking into the App itself to see if it makes sense to relax mandatory attribute rule via PUT.