Seamless SSO from external site to service through okta possible?

Looking into OKTA as a possible to solution for the following scenario.

We have Authenticated users in our web app who click create a ticket are then redirected to a salesforce community site, seamlessly (no request for authorization or consent)

  1. Salesforce communities support both OIDC + SAML for sso.

  2. Request is made to OIDC Server (OKTA) from front-end or backend, request to log into salesforce as a user

  3. Server contacts SF auth flow, whether its OIDC or SAML 2.0 “hey this user wants to login”

  4. Salesforce respond with token/assertion

  5. Server responds with token

  6. User is redirect to community site with token in header

  7. User seamlessly lands on community page

Is this flow possible with Okta’s available APIs ?