Setup SCIM to enable provisioning


There are applications where provisioning is not available in OKTA. We are trying to setup SCIM to enable provisioning for these applications. I have gone through the document but having difficulties in understanding on how to setup.

Can someone please help me from scratch on how to setup SCIM and enable provisioning for the apps where OKTA does not support provisioning.
Application is available in OIN with only SSO, so looking to enable for those applications.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Shruthi

Please feel free to open a support ticket with us by sending us an email to and have one of our Developer Support engineers assist you in implementing the SCIM configuration for the application.

Thanks Dragos for your quick response. Could you please let me know if there are cost involved for this. I am trying to setup this in dev instance.

Hi @Shruthi

There is no cost involved in this.

Thank you Dragos. I will send an email to above email address.

Thanks Again!

Hi @Shruthi - can you tell me what docs you tried to use during your setup? I’d like to see if there are places where we can ease customer pain points. Thanks!