Sha-512 support

Hello guys,

Our users’ passwords are encrypted with SHA-512 algorithm which is not among supported ones according to this documentation

I have two questions:

  1. Do you plan to enable support of SHA-512 in the near future?
  2. Is there other route you can suggest me to go?


Hi @amikulich

Our engineering team is currently aware of this use-case and they are working to implement this functionality for the future. At the moment, we do not have an ETA for when it will be available.

Hi @dragos. Thanks for quick response

So the workaround for me is either to force user password reset or to switch to one of supported algorithms (for example sha-256), am I missing something?

Hi @amikulich

For now, yes, this are the only options available. The feature is currently being tracked through an internal ticket REQ-10410 and is actively worked upon.

Once the feature will be released, you will be able to find out more details about it in our Okta Release Notes.

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