Simple Java SAML SP Testing

We need an IDP for testing a simple java servlet implementation of SAML 2.0 SP. We don’t use Spring, Python, or other third-party frameworks. It looks like could work, but there are no instructions how to integrate a java SP to this IDP. Can you help? Our customer has Okta.

Can you tell us a bit more about your stack? Are you trying to stay with something EE?

We use a servlet to contain our application. It runs under various web app servers like tomcat, weblogic, jboss, etc. J2SE is sufficient but J2EE works for us as well. We are using opensaml for the current SP logic, but we need to support other configurations and profiles, e.g., IDP-initiated.

EE works for us, but we don’t require it. We are a standard servlet.

Take a look at:

I haven’t looked at the code, and this project was originally a reproduce case, Alain has sent us a few nice PRs in the past.

If that doesn’t help reach out to support, keep us posted!

Thanks for the response.
Sadly, the example is only applicable to those who are configuring the Okta.
We are developers of a servlet that uses OpenSAML to access Okta, but we have no direct access to the Okta configuration that would allow us to use the referenced test.
That’s why I was originally looking for a test IDP. I have given up on that now. We will work with our customers to configure an Okta IDP for testing.

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