SMS Limit Change for Free Dev Orgs

What’s changing?
Over the past 12 months, Okta has seen some incredible growth - we have added new products, features, companies, employees, and users. To balance growing costs of SMS while maintaining our dedication to allowing access to all Okta has to offer, we will be changing the monthly number of free SMS each developer org is allotted each month to 100 messages/month on April 4th, 2022.

How can you optimize your free org for this change?
If SMS is your primary factor for authentication or authorization, you can make any of these changes to your policies to accommodate for the new SMS limit.

1. To Change your Application Sign-on Policy:

  • Okta Admin Console > Applications > Applications > Sign on Tab.
  • Select the application that has SMS enabled as a factor. Either enable another factor or disable SMS as a factor.

2. To Deactivate SMS Authentication:

  • Okta Admin Console > Security > Multifactor > Factor Types > SMS > Switch dropdown from Active to Deactivate

3. To Change Factor Enrollment Policies:

  • Okta Admin Console > Security > Multifactor > Factor Enrollment > Select Edit button > Change SMS Authentication Dropdown from Required to Optional OR Disabled > Select Update Policy

Best Practice Tip:
It’s a better experience for your customers if you use multiple authentication factors for them to choose from besides just SMS.

Please reply in the thread with any questions.