SSO from third party app

Hi guys!

I made an app which uses Okta for authentication.

A third party partner wants to integrate with me, the user journey must be:

  1. User logs in into the partner application
  2. User enters in my application with SSO, no password required

How can I do it? I can create the user server side but i am not able to log in him :disappointed:
and i do not know if my partner is able to implement an OpenID connection

here is the Server side code:


public ResponseEntity doStuff(){

Client client = Clients. *builder* ()



.setClientCredentials(new TokenClientCredentials("XXXXX"))


Map<String, Object> data = new HashMap<>();

data.put("privacy_consent", true);

data.put("market_consent", true);

data.put("group_id", "XXX");

User user = UserBuilder. *instance* ()

.setEmail("joe.coder"+(int)(Math. *random* ()*1000)+"@[](")









return ResponseEntity. *ok* (user);