Take back Okta domain that former staff controls

One of our former employees controls an Okta DEV domain that is tied to some of our IT resources. His admin account has a GMail address for his username. His departure from the firm occurred in a mildly adversarial climate. Presently, he has not been forthcoming with access to said DEV domain.

QUESTION: we have the audit trail that demonstrates this DEV domain belongs to our organization. Moreover, as recently as 12/20/2023, said former employee provisioned read-only admin access to me but then for unknown reasons suspended or deleted my account access. Our firm requires Super Administrator role privileges and complete ownership of the account. What can we do to take back this Okta DEV domain?

Can you please contact our support team for assistance with this?

@andrea : I have contacted Okta Support several times. They will not help. Two reasons: (i) this is not an Okta domain anyone in our company is currently an Admin for; (ii) this is a dev domain, and as such, evidently is not under paid support.

Given this response from Okta, what do you propose now?

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