Unable to login when not closing web browser for some time

Some of my users who dont close there web browsers and do not turn off their pc experience
‘Unable to login’ problem and there are no system logs about it.

Is there some kind of session policy I dont know?

What are the exact reproduction steps here: is it that they cannot log into the Okta org directly by going to its login page, or is this occurring when accessing a specific application?

Does it work if they retry? Does it work if they clear their cache/cookies and then retry?

I meant that they cannot log in to the Okta org directly by going to its login page, not about specific applications.
It dosent work if they retry. But does work when close all browsers and then retry(open chrome, and go to Okta orgs)

Interesting. Is it because they had already opened the login page (before leaving their machine) and then attempted to login when they came back?

When you hit the Okta hosted login page directly (e.g. https://company.okta.com), the login page is going to attempt to send the user into the End-User Dashboard app, which involves a redirect (similar to what you’d see if the user was trying to access a specific OIDC application within your org). I’m wondering if this second URL is the one causing the problem because the original request to log into the dashboard app has been idle for too long and is no longer valid (leading to the login failure/issue).