Unsupported sign on mode Salesforce - Okta

I configured an app in Okta for SAML Single Sign On with Salesforce. All good until I try to authenticate from salesforce login Page using Okta. The message I receive is:

“## You have configured Okta to use Secure Web Authentication for Salesforce.com, but Salesforce.com appears to be using SAML 2.0. Please update either the Okta configuration or the Salesforce.com configuration to use the same sign on mode.”

The app in Okta is configured with SAML also Salesforce. It is possible to authenticate in salesforce by clicking on the newly created and configured okta app but not from Salesforce Login Page.

Any idea about this?
Thank you for your support!

Problem solved! Just a misconfiguration on Salesforce at SAML Single Sign-On Settings - Identity Provider Login URL . Wrong Issuer used in link.

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