User Access Okta Dashboard without entering username and password?

My company want to use Okta Dashboard as user’s portal to access different vendor’s applications. We are now trying to develop a small web site to get user registered. It works well creating user via API. However someone want to know, if we can skip the Okta login page after user registration, lead user directly see the Dashboard page? The idea is the registration user could already choose the user name and password. Does anyone have any idea or experience on this? Thanks!

Could you send the user an activation email?

If you leverage the Create User with Password (Users | Okta Developer) the existing sequence of flow events are intended design behavior. The new user is able to login immediately after activation with the assigned password.

Yes, but we want to have a smooth experience for the first time registration, so, after we confirm their personal identification, we will create an account in Okta and direct them to dashboard and see available apps. Just an “user experience” thing. Thanks!