User Creation With Okta API


As per one of my requirement i need to move my existing users into okta using okta API with a default password and then send a mail to each user created into okta under my application to reset their password.

Currently i am able to create user by following API

and then i called following api to activate them
https://…/api/v1/users/{app Id}/lifecycle/activate?sendEmail=true

I am getting the mail but when i click on the link in mail i am getting following error

"We can’t find a forgotten password question for you. To have your password reset, please contact your administrator by clicking Help & Feedback."

Can some one please guide me into right path or letting me know what i am doing wrong here.

Thanks in advance.


Are you trying to use the Okta UI to set the password? Or are you trying to handle it from your own application?

The welcome wizard (that /welcome/ link) requires a security question to work correctly, most people want to have the email point to their own application, with token as a query parameter.


I am using Okta API to register user into my Okta sandbox, now i am able to create a user in Okta by changing following API calls

Step 1. https://{Okta sandbox URL}/api/v1/users?activate=true

by not sending password in API Call body.

Step 2. Register user into my application by sending the user id received from first API call.

Now when user click on link send in mail by first API call, it open page to set the password & security question for that user, but when user click on create account button instead of redirection user back to my application (for e.g. http://www.locathost/default) it redirect user to Okta page with option to Add Application Button.

What i need to change so that user should redirect to my application not on Okta page.

Thanks in advance.

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