User Provisioning from Okta to App: how to provision the app user manager id

We are an employee application and we have a OIN App with User Provisioning enabled, allowing pushing Okta user information into our app via our SCIM API.

Our SCIM API supports the manager id field. For a user’s manager to be updated in our application, our API expects the manager’s user id from our system to be passed (uuid) against the manager id field.

At the moment in our mappings, the manager id field is a free text field which requires someone using the OIN App to know what the manager ids are in our system and manually update those on a user by user basis in Okta, which is not an ideal solution.

I am looking for a way to automate that process. For example in Azure AD, managers can be selected from a dropdown list and when syncing users from Azure AD to our application, Azure AD would grab the id of the manager in our system and pass it in the manager id field of the user it creates in our system.

I have been told in the past Okta does not support that. I am just keen to know if anyone is familiar with this problem and has found a way to solve it or if anyone has any suggestions I could try,

Thank you

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+1. I would like to know the answer