Is there a way to map a Manager to an Employee in Okta (questions about "manager" and "managerId" fields)?

We are trying to integrate a SCIM server API with Okta’s SCIM client. One of the issues we are facing is with regards to the “manager” and “managerId” fields is that we have to input these values manually.


  • Is it possible to create a mapping between a manager and a direct report in Okta?
  • If there isn’t a way to do this in Okta itself, what is the suggested method to create such a mapping?
  • If the suggested method is the LinkedObjects API, what is the intended way to interact with / consume this API?

Once we have this mapping between a manager and a direct report in Okta, we want to see the Employee’s “manager” and “managerId” fields automatically populated with their manager’s name and Id.

Currently our employees in Okta seem to have an “externalId” value that corresponds to our own Id for this employee/user. We want to access the “externalId” from the employee’s manager as well.


  • Given a mapping between a manager and an employee, is it possible to retrieve the manager’s “externalId”? If so, what is the best method to do so?